Conative Coaching

Why are you in the zone some days, exhausted on others?

The answer has a lot to do with the Conative aspect of your mind, which works alongside your Cognitive (Thinking) and Affective (Feeling) faculties. It includes your instinctive way of taking action, your natural drives and talents, and how your mental energy reserves are allocated.

Think of it this way: While Cognitive assessments indicate what you can do based on your knowledge and experience, and Affective ones tell you what you want to do based on your personality, your Conative profile tells you what you will do, based on your innate ways of problem solving and striving.

Which makes Conative Coaching a great way to learn how to get more done with less stress and greater satisfaction, and to reduce conflict and improve relationships at home and at work.

Our clients have called this approach “eye-opening,” “actionable,” and “profound.”

“It provided a lot of support for me to stop being so hard on myself and move toward my strengths.”

“Helped me to get my engines running smoothly, recalibrating my approach to work and how it fits into my life.”

WYSIWYG is offering a special Conative Coaching package this holiday season. If you feel a spark of interest or curiousity, drop us a line for more info.

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The WYSIWYG Co. is the coaching partnership of Caroline Sugarman and Aaron Sugarman. We are members of the International Coach Federation (ICF), with more than 40 years of combined coaching and consulting experience.

We work with individuals and organizations, through a mix of one-on-one coaching, workshops and group work that builds leadership and communication skills and improves team performance.

We support our work with assessments that generate insight, highlight strengths and areas for development, and help organizations make better hiring decisions.

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