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Need Leadership? Don’t wait for it to walk in the door

Big takeaway from Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends 2014 survey: The need to “broaden, deepen, and accelerate leadership development at all levels, in all geographies, and across all functional areas” is by far the most urgent challenge facing organizations. That critical need for leadership is followed by some gnarly people issues most of us are painfully familiar with: Talent acquisition, retention and engagement, and “the…
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When Leaders Lose Touch

Why do good people sometimes turn out to be surprisingly bad leaders? Here’s one reason: The higher they climb, the more they lose touch with the people they lead, and the less able they are to see themselves as others see them. The data comes from the Hay Group’s analysis of their database of 360-degree…
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How to keep track of your life as if it really matters (which it does)

There’s a ton of great evidence—both scientific and anecdotal—pointing to the power of focused journaling. In their book Younger Next Year: Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy – Until You’re 80 and Beyond, Chris Crowley and Henry Lodge make a particularly eloquent case for this practice. Here’s the gist of it… “One of the great keys to…
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Need a little help making things happen?

Making ideas happen was the big theme at the recent 99u Conference Caroline and I attended in NYC. While you can explore the highlights in more detail at the 99u site (totally worth it),  I wanted to offer a brief visual tour of the moments that really impacted us, and likely hold something of value…
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There is ALWAYS another way to see things

Shift the way you see the world and… a new world opens up to you. A world with new possibilities, new actions, new emotions, new outcomes. Things that seemed implausible or impossible become believable and achievable. “Reality” shifts. The photographer Shantanu Starick provided a vivid example of this simple, but not easy, endeavor in his talk at the terrific 99u…
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How are you?

How are you? The responses I hear most frequently are time-based. There are the terribly popular Busy! Crazy! and Crazy Busy! variations. Plus anxious, bored, confused, frustrated or impatient, which speak to time-triggered emotional reactions, I also hear a fair amount of good, okay or fine, often delivered as formulaic non-answers, with no eye-contact. My sense is that time is again the driver—the person either consciously…
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The Reasonable Person’s Guide To Goals

Can we talk about goal setting and management for a moment? Love or hate? Inspiring or demotivating?Few areas are as hotly contested in the world of human motivation and productivity research and advice. For every Guide to Evaluate Your Priorities and Set Goals, there is a Why Goal Setting Can Do More Harm Than Good (both…
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Feeling low? Get some sleep (and sun)

Day-to-day routines—how we spend our time, care for our bodies and minds—continually shape our moods. Those that build up physical and mental resources can raise mood. Other routines have the potential to seed low mood. In his thought-provoking new book The Depths: The Evolutionary Origins of the Depression Epidemic,  Jonathan Rottenberg reports that mundane influences like how much sleep…
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Want to feel better? Are you sure?

What if I told you there was a simple practice that is as close to guaranteed as anything to leave you feeling happier and less prone to anxiety or depression for an extended period of time? Would you do it? Let’s see… This one comes from Martin Seligman, often referred to as the Founding Father of Positive…
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