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The WYSIWYG Co. is the coaching partnership of Caroline Sugarman and Aaron Sugarman. We are members of the International Coach Federation (ICF), with more than 30 years of combined coaching and consulting experience.

We work with individuals and organizations, through a mix of one-on-one coaching and group work that builds leadership and communication skills and improves team performance.

We support our work with assessments that generate insight, highlight strengths and areas for development, and help organizations make better hiring decisions.

And basically… we really love what we do.



In all our years of doing this work, we haven’t yet found a “typical” client. We work with introverts and extroverts, artists, entrepreneurs, management, emerging leaders and seasoned execs, folks at the bottom, middle and top of the org chart (or not on the chart at all). Our organizational clients include non-profits, social enterprises, start-ups and well-established companies looking to up their game.

Our approach is values-based (Caroline’s include Collaboration, Joy & Pride; Aaron’s include Connection, Courage & Creativity) and holistic, meaning we deal with the whole person – intellect, emotions, relationships, and even (or perhaps especially) the physical body. We believe that who we are is as important as what we do.

Caroline Sugarman

Caroline Sugarman

Caroline is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Kolbe Certified™ Consultant, CQ Certified Facilitator, ESCI Accredited Coach and a highly experienced leader of personal and organizational transformation seminars. She has led workshops to groups with a wide variety of backgrounds, including CEOs and executives, celebrities and entrepreneurs. She is a strong fact-finder, able to quickly cut to the heart of a situation and distill insights into actions and practices.

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Aaron Sugarman

Aaron Sugarman

Aaron is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and ESCI Accredited Coach. He has worked with some of the world’s leading creative talents in media, marketing and entertainment for thirty years. His coaching focuses on emotional intelligence, leadership, transitions and work-life balance, and brings together diverse interests and experiences ranging from creative development and business consulting to his study of Neuroscience, Psychology, Yoga and Zen Buddhism.

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Caroline just glows with an enthusiasm and understanding that makes me feel like - no matter what - I will accomplish something.
WYSIWYG'S coaching turned our business around. They have a unique ability to distinguish strengths and passions and focus on them. They see what we cannot, both opportunities and roadblocks, in a way that unleashes our creativity and helps us craft strategies that work.
Intuitive, reliable and collaborative… fills a desperate need in professional environments.
I've learned to be more decisive, confident and fair in all facets of my life.
I never wanted to have a coach - couldn't possibly fit it into my already overloaded schedule. Then WYSIWYG started working with us. In short order, they saved our business. A year later, I cannot wait for our sessions. Their ability to have us shift perspective, or delve deeper, has made what we do fun again.
Thanks for the grease to get my gears moving towards my fullest potential.
The turnaround I led here was done with the active support of a dynamic duo – Caroline & Aaron Sugarman. Their support has allowed me to save a charity and double its impact in two years; I suspect you could get similar benefits.
There's a bright line of before and after in my career path - and the after has been happier and more rewarding in every way.
I learned that I don't have to be bound by who I have been, or by what others expect. Through simple offers, simple requests, things can change radically.
Everyone in our company was working so hard that we were exhausted. WYSIWYG was able to spot the things that had us on a treadmill to nowhere. We're no longer stuck - we’re moving forward again.
We spend much of our life building narratives to explain why we can’t be this or that, why we should accept this state or that, why we must self-limit our dreams. Caroline gets beneath decades of history to help clarify decision points, move to a more fulfilled place in life, and realize untapped potential.
This experience taught me to ask myself, Am I dealing with this issue in the best way that I can? Are there other ways I could approach this that will achieve a better result?
Aaron pushed me to engage. More than just talk, it gave me a game plan for dealing with the challenges in my life.
Recalibrated my approach to work and how it fit into my life. It’s rare to find a coach who has this mix of head and heart, intellect and emotion.
Highly effective.
I feel like you have peered into my soul. Very interesting—and helpful!
Such clarity and insight. That's been invaluable.
WYSIWYG helps you to clearly see who you are, what you are capable of, and what is important in life.
Caroline's gentle and insightful questioning helped me discover what is most important to me. Under her guidance, I am better able to consciously choose actions that are more aligned with my personal values and that are bringing me pure joy.
I am better able to collaborate with people in a way that draws out their best work.


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